About HSSA

The Haemochromatosis Society of South Africa is here to promote both awareness of HH in the medical profession and among the SA public, and the early diagnosis and screening of potential HH sufferers.
We aim to provide informative literature to the public and publicise current debate and research regarding iron related disorders.  We aim to establish support groups for, and a central registry of, those affected by HH, as well as a registry of doctors and specialists familiar with HH and it’s treatment.
The HSSA does not have a formal membership. A mailing list is, however, maintained to enable the HSSA to contact those who are interested in Haemochromatosis and to inform them of issues relating to this condition as well as events sponsored by the Society.


We invite anyone who is interested in the work of the HSSA to click on the “Contact Us” link above on the menu and to register their details with the Society.

The benefits of membership of Societies such as the HSSA include receiving access to current information on this rapidly developing focus of medical research; to receive support and fellowship from other Haemochromatosis sufferers; being kept informed of meetings and events that the Society are expecting to host, as well as the opportunity to participate in making this common condition known to our South African medical fraternity.

The impact of the HSSA is limited only by its volunteer community and the resources needed to continue to create awareness. We need you to become involved!